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Burnedale Farm

About Burnedale Farm

Burnedale is named after an Irishman, John Burne.

On the 1st od April 1841 at the age of 16 years old, John joined up with the 82nd Foot Connaught Rangers Regiment.

The 3rd of May 1843 he arrived in Cape Town aboard the H.M.S Thunderer and was sent to Natal that July.

In 1850 John was stationed at Umhlali and 1857, now a seargent he married Isobella Tyson on the 8th of May. 

In 1861 he finished his 21 years of service and received his Good Conduct Medal and a pension of 50 pounds per annum. In 1862 John moved to Umhlali as a messenger of the court and built his home on this current site "Burnedale" where he remained until his death in 1905.

The original house stood until the 1970's when it was demolished and rebuilt as it stands today.

It has been home of various Milsteads. Peggy Tyson married Douglas Milstead and welcomed Barry, Wendy and Trevor.

Trevor and Di lived here until moving to Karibu, where upon, Doug and Peggy took over the residence and lived here for many years. Even after Doug passed on, Peggy remained tending to her beloved Burnedale gardens. 

The lush and beautiful foliage and beauty you see to this day is from the prior love of gardening that has been passed down throughout the children of the family, just for us to enjoy.

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